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Lynn Jones first founded the Pepeetolynn kennel name in the mid 1990's when she bred her first litter of long coat chihuahuas. She was then introduced to the show scene by some friends and was 'bitten by the show bug'. Lynn then started to take her granddaughter Kate with her and she was also bitten by the bug. We have both been showing ever since and we love it more and more. We are a small family kennel located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and have great love and affection for this big dog in a little body. We are members of The British Chihuahua Club, Northern Counties Chihuahua Club, Midland Chihuahua Club, Ulster Chihuahua Club, Chihuahua Club of Scotland, Chihuahua Club of South Wales, Smooth Coat Chihuahua Club and Long Coat Chihuahua Club, where both Lynn and Kate  committee members.

All of our dogs and puppies are part of the family. They are all kept indoors and have the free run of their own conservatory which leads out into the back garden. We strive to breed happy and healthy puppies/dogs which are well natured and friendly. At home we also have a jack russell, which thinks she is one of the chihuahuas and two cats, one of which thinks he's a dog and will sit and wash the chihuahuas.

All puppies bred by Pepeetolynn will not leave until they are at least 12 weeks old and they will be vet checked, fully vaccinated and kennel club registered. Any puppies we have for sale will be displayed on the available page but enquiries are always welcome from serious buyers. WE DO NOT BREED MERLE CHIHUAHUAS as this colour comes with many health problems and the colour is not recognised by the kennel club, so please be careful if you see a merle chihuahua advertised as being kennel club registered. ALSO, WE DO NOT BREED TEA CUP/MICRO CHIHUAHUAS as there is no such thing. A so called 'teacup' is just a small 'runt' of the litter that will most likely come with many health problems.




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